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psychiatrist-cannibal by day

pop-star singing sensation by night

hannibal montanibal 

aren’t we supposed to be a really dark and sophisticated fandom


We are a really dark and sophisticated fandom.

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let him motivate you

T^T this is so uplifting thank you fishing guy

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The progression of video games in a few decades.

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like it started w/ all the “disgusting fujoshit!!!!11” bullshit as if 90% of y’all calling her that weren’t fujoshi yourselves and then it devolved into calling her a dumb bitch because she isn’t pandering to your pairing/headcanons every fucking episode and now this

like this kind of childish bullshit honestly disgusts me and y’all posting shit like this about a person who’s literally done nothing more than have a show that didn’t meet all your expectations or has “bad writing”. like i’m not even gonna go into how bullshit all those claims are because it doesn’t matter if she’s the worst writer in the world there’s literally no reason for you to bring her sexual history into this or call her slurs as if that’s any of your fucking business i don’t fucking care if there’s a chance she sees it or not S T O P. DOING. THIS.

Trigger warning: rape

Ok this is not a blog I’d normally reblog shit from but sometimes one side is being shittier than the other and I believe in calling bs out, so there it is, for the significant portion of you following me who I know are mh otpers: this is what’s happening in your fandom. It needs to stop.

It’s not new admittedly, right from the start the entire Utsumi backlash has been tinged with misogyny, I can’t count a single person participating in it who hasn’t coloured their nastiness with sexism that’s 10x nastier, because, of course it is, there’s nothing about this whole mess that is based in rationality; pinning your frustrations about the show not going exactly the way you wanted it to go on the director’s supposed inability to make rational directional decisions because her brain is apparently dictated by her vagina is intrinsically misogynistic and you can’t separate this entire hatefest from it. Yes I’m calling every single one of you who’s been involved in it sexist, call me the usual sjw-related insults I don’t care, it’s how it is.

I mean, let’s recap here. From the beginning this started out with a group of people finding out that Utsumi wasn’t “on their side” (as if there is such a thing) as they’d originally believed and responding to that by personally slandering her to an imaginable degree, reducing her input into a show she pretty much made from years of passion and love and hard work to a few biased contributions for a character she’s supposedly enamoured with. You denied her her own work, that couldn’t possibly her own work, you turned her into someone incapable of making rational decisions that all had a narrative logic that went into making the best possible show and instead painted her as an obsessed fangirl only interested in pushing her favourite character, just because she had a favourite character, as every creator ever does. And because you couldn’t reconcile that with the fact that you actually loved the show in the first place you made the first dude you could think of the “savior of the show”, made a work of love and effort from the part of everyone involved, especially the director, the result of one rational dude managing to save what you ended up liking by reining in the director’s crazy fangirling. And then when it turned out that Yokotani wasn’t on your side either, you literally went overnight from that to claiming Utsumi had “infected” him, and shit you don’t need an education in women’s history to realize how loaded this is. Now we’re stuck at a point where Utsumi is an evil seductress who has bent her writer to her wiles, all this with sexual undertones, which is outright slander, and today, we reach the point where people insert her into sexually explicit texts for the sake of slandering her even more. There is not a single part of this entire wankfest that isn’t rooted in internalised misogyny, the kind that’s the reason why we’re still here as women even in our own fandom spaces.

At this point I’m not going to rehash the argument on how unsupported the entire “this show is biased” argument is and how no one who’s watched the show without ship expectations would let that blind them enough to not see the glaring holes in that argument both within the show and outside it, whatever. I’m just going to point out the very worst aspect of this entire mess, the fact that from the beginning this entire hate movement has been built around misogynistic rhetoric, and the absolute least you can do is stop that. This is literally as low as painting suicide victims as dangerous people you need to stay away from for the sake of justifying character hate. Criticize the work if you want to, it’s there for you to. But stop shitting on real people who should have your respect for having worked for years on a media you don’t deserve to consume, because “this thing i don’t like is only happening because the director is an irrational fujoshi with a ladyboner for one character” is typical sexist discourse and every level of it, even when they don’t go as far as explicitly bring up their sex life, is entrenched in that. It’s not only insulting and disrespectful to someone you ought to respect on a personal level, but damaging and problematic on a general level that hurts real people. The show is fair game, the creators are not. Have. Some. Respect.



I can’t even provide an explanation on how inappropriate this is, you can’t be a decent person and at the same time need one, at this point there’s no amount of talking to these people you can do, you can’t do anything about people who think that their ship-fuelled hate is more important than rape, so just. Stop talking to them.

Stop condoning this shit, if that wasn’t clear I’m not getting mad over an isolated incident but the last straw of a general fandom-wide attitude that you’re necessarily confronted to if you’re involved in the ship. Don’t condone it. All both sides of this fandom do on a daily basis is criticize each other for the shit they do and then get offended by being criticized by the other side because they’re automatically wrong. That’s not productive. You want to be a good person, you want this fandom to stop being toxic, you have to be as offended by this as if it came from the other side, you stop being friends with people who do this shit. I know you all give yourselves excuses, “I want to seem objective so I just let everything happen!”, “I’m not the one saying this it’s just on my timeline/dash”, “I don’t support this I’m only friends with them because of their other contributions” and then let hate, misogyny, rape jokes, bullying (even when it happens to your friends??), happen right in front of your eyes and do fuck all about it, just because it’s more important to you that you look good, or that you’re surrounded by people who validate your shitty opinions about how, don’t worry, it is indeed objective to hate on a creator who’s not doing your ship the way you want it done. But no, fuck you, even if your reason was valid, there is no excuse for this. I don’t care about how young and/or privileged you are, what kind of bubble you live in irl, you’re all on tumblr, even those of you that spread your wank on twitter are on tumblr, it’s all in there, you’re confronted every day with the experiences of those hurt by misogyny and rape culture, and either condone or contribute to it for the sake of your ship. You’re automatically a shitty person. Stop it.

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Whoops I completely forgot about that one. I’m also offering preorders for the Free! Eternal Summer 2015 Calendar! It’s A2 size and uses six exclusive illustrations of the Samezuka & Iwatobi boys in various job outfits.

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Since the delay is short I’d appreciate it if you could reblog to spread the word as fast as possible :)

Thank you!

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[friends don't invite you to something]
cr1tikal voice: alright I'll go fuck myself then
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The floor is lava. [vid]

This is one of the best gifs

omfg I’ve only ever seen the end part of this gif this is amazing